Oo, we make this a lot (only a not-as-spicy version) (ETA: it's kind of funny that the version I make is not spicy, yet incorporates the word "hell"!) called eggs in hell. We use the MFK Fisher version (though it's so easy to just make it any way that inspires you — such a great, simple recipe): … » 8/17/14 10:00pm 8/17/14 10:00pm

You are me (except I'm female). It's so nice to see other people with this attitude. For me, it just kind of didn't happen and neither my husband nor I ever got hit by the "we MUST make this happen" urge. But we love other peoples' kids and enjoy being around them. I hate that people tend to assume everyone without… » 7/25/14 8:49am 7/25/14 8:49am