It's okay...I do too. But I actually specifically just liked The Sun Also Rises, which I read in HS and had a very good teacher for that class, so that may have influenced me. Hmm...I don't think I've read another of his books, to be honest. I did go to Key West once though. » 11/22/14 9:25pm 11/22/14 9:25pm

Well, I live in a neighboring state, and here there are 15,000 people who qualify for developmental disability services but there is not enough money to fund the services. The average person on the waiting list has been waiting (so far) 3 1/2 years. It's not just a matter of filling out forms; it's a matter of who's… » 11/05/14 1:42am 11/05/14 1:42am

Yep. I hate these stories — the Enquirer is paying him, he's twisting things around. I have sympathy for him, but I also have had family members like him. No one owes him endless money and chances. It's very sad all around. » 11/04/14 11:23am 11/04/14 11:23am