Here's my Thomas Pynchon story: Many years ago (I am in my 40s), when I was a youngster with my first real job, I worked at an arts organization in Cincinnati. This was great, but occasionally after many days of classical performances, I liked to go out after work and "detox" with friends at local dive bars. One night… » 3/11/15 12:54pm 3/11/15 12:54pm

THANK YOU. Have had some online disagreements (putting it mildly) where people want to tell me I was not DIAGNOSED with PTSD like they are looking over my shoulder at my medical charts. Was not perhaps in mortal danger, was still overcoming trauma 20 years later. » 3/09/15 3:57am 3/09/15 3:57am

Well, I would rearrange all my furniture. I'm dating myself, but roundabout when I hit 30 and Mad TV was on, I suddenly discovered the joys of staying in on Friday night, turning on Mad TV, and going to town on my living space. I would just get a whim and yank everything away from the walls, shove it all in the middle… » 3/07/15 1:00am 3/07/15 1:00am

Back when I was in HS in the early 80s, there was a fantastic punk club that opened across the river from my hometown — not only did every local punk band in the region play there, national acts like Black Flag and Suicidal Tendencies regularly played shows. It was a cavernous place that was once a swank betting club.… » 2/14/15 3:14pm 2/14/15 3:14pm