I have a confession: I have one jacket each from Coldwater Creek and from Chico's. I got them both at thrift stores, and both are pretty good, bland, workaday stuff I can throw on to make an outfit slightly more "office-y." But I never drape them over my chair where someone might see the tag! » 4/11/14 7:17pm 4/11/14 7:17pm

Gah — are you sure you want her to know your address? Anyway, I am definitely with the others. Do not respond, do not engage. Do not reward bad behavior. I had an experience a bit similar to yours, which I didn't even realize consciously until a boyfriend, after a birthday dinner, was really sad and asked me why my… » 3/23/14 10:47am 3/23/14 10:47am

Interesting read, as someone who has gone up and down in weight in life. I might venture a guess, being in my 40s myself, that the strength thing could have something to do with aging. It's weird to realize, "Well, huh, I guess I can't do that like I used to." For me, it's running, my go-to in my 30s. I tried taking it… » 3/23/14 10:38am 3/23/14 10:38am

I was once sitting outside my door with my (gentle, beloved, now departed) cat. A woman walked into view with a dog, I didn't notice immediately, and within seconds my cat had clawed the living shit out of my arm to escape and run back into the house — I was sitting there with blood dripping down my arms before I even… » 3/11/14 12:28pm 3/11/14 12:28pm

A few years back, I was camping on San Juan Island and the next campsite over invited us to share some snacks and wine around their fire. One of them was a cop from Vancouver, and she told us all kinds of horror stories about the things she deals with, including finding a dead man on a city bench with a needle sticking … » 3/10/14 2:05am 3/10/14 2:05am