If you were galvanized by Wendy Davis' filibuster last week, clear your calendar now. Testimony has begun before the Texas House and so far, it is amazing. Bill sponsor Rep. Laubenberg was either unable to answer questions or refused to answer. Here's a writeup on her testimony from the liveblogging at Burnt Orange Report:

Representative Jessica Farrar just wrapped up attempting to debate Laubenberg. Farrar broke down the aspects of the bill to what exceptions were available to pregnant women in the 20 week ban. As they went through them, Farrar clarified that cancer patients and women on suicide watch would not fall under those exceptions.

Farrar asked Laubenberg if she was attempting to redefine viability, however, Laubenberg continued to claim that she was "only talking about pain, not viability," disagreeing they were connected.

As Farrar explained that viability if legally flexible, which varies in pregnancies, she asked Laubenberg if she was trying to prove a new constitutional standard. To which Laubenberg finally agreed yes, it is a new constitutional standard, and that it would be likely to be debated on in higher courts. Which revealed again the right's attempts through the 20 week ban to challenge Roe v. Wade in the higher courts.

There are at least 1600 people signed up to testify, with more than 7 hours to go. Come watch and read history as it happens:

Texas House Livestream

Texas House Liveblog